Concept of a TV show created during my time as an Apprentice at ITV​

FRIENEMIES is the ultimate test of friendship. Can you be brutally honest to your best friend and be certain that your friendship will not sink? Be put against our lie detector to answer some heavy questions about you, your best friend, and your friendship – all to win a £10,000 cash prize – be careful, one white lie can cost you the whole money pot. There will be 2 contestants who are best friends and must answer questions about each other and their friendship, with the lie detector judging them. The questions aren’t easy though, e.g. Lucy may get asked if she thinks Amanda’s boyfriend is hot and if she would get with him if she had the chance. Some questions are set by the host, the audience can also vote for questions on the app and they can send in their own questions which will be used in one of the rounds for some rounds. The prize money increases when they tell the truth and they win once they get to 10k but one lie means they lose it all. How well do you know your best friend?

Fake it till you make it

Who says it’s hard to learn a language after the age of 7? Who said just because you are 4”2 you can’t be a professional basketball player? In this show, ordinary individuals who have no interest in a hobby/sport such as table tennis, football, cooking and are very, very bad at it are trained within a month or so to try and make the top 100 of the said sport/hobby. It is a literal version of “you can do anything”. A girl who has no talent in synchronised swimming goes through intensive training to then compete in a professional event to become one of the top 100 synchronised swimmers. This is a light and fun documentary and each episode focuses on a different individual and their story. The goal isn’t becoming the top 100, it is merely just picking up a skill or hobby they never thought they could. If a person is trying to learn table tennis, the episode could focus on their initial skill at it and the gradual development with a professional coach, eventually leading to a professional event.

© All work by Ayesha Fatima

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