Whilst working as a Junior Social Media Marketer at a modest fashion company (Islamic Design House), I worked on my first visual campaign for the winter collection that appealed to social media as well as women looking to buy modest clothing.


To make this unique, I worked on a campaign called “Super Sisters”, which was a modest, yet modern twist to a super hero that would help fight a real cause that is an issue today.


I created “Agent T.H.R.E.A.D”, which is a Super Sister helping up-cycle old clothing to stop it from being wasted if it can’t be recycled.


I started this with a rough brainstorm that developed into a brief with a Moodboard on how I wanted the photoshoot to go. I really enjoyed this process as It was the first steps of the campaign and I had the freedom to plan my own visuals.


After team discussions and considerations, final copies were made of the brief for the photoshoot, the social media content and the mail shot. I wrote briefs for several aspects ranging from how the poses would be for the shoot, to how I wanted a social media post to look.


I even took this a step further and worked with the team to create mini blog posts for each super hero, so that people can get more of an idea of the super hero and how to up-cycle old scarves (by turning them into kimonos).


The responses to the final campaign were also great – from Reina Lewis wanting to write about it in her new book to event hosts calling us to ask if they can use it for their billboards.

Agent T.H.R.E.A.D

© All work by Ayesha Fatima

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